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I retired in late 2019 after working 32 years as a RF/Wireless Application Engineer for Tektronix in Dallas, Texas. My main hobbies are Amateur Radio (call sign N5BB or alternate sound) and space related topics.

About Bill Byrom ...

Shortly after I was hired by Tektronix in 1987, I first visited the Mount Hood area to the east of Portland. Yes, that's me in the front of that majestic Oregon monument. Here is another view of a younger me.  Sometimes you get a nice rental car.

I grew up in Austin and attended the University of Texas Electrical Engineering School from 1972-1976. I worked for a small company, Rhodes-Groos Laboratories, which closed in 1982. I then started a small company which closed in 1987. Tektronix then hired me and I moved from Austin to the Dallas area in 1987.

VOACAP propagation point-to-point prediction          VOACAP propagation coverage map

Bill Byrom, Irving, Texas, USA
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Updated December 8, 2019