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Bill works as an RF/Wireless Application Engineer for Tektronix at our Dallas Measurement Business Division Sales office in Plano, Texas. My main hobby is Amateur Radio (call sign N5BB or alternate sound).

About Bill Byrom ...

Shortly after I was hired by Tektronix in 1987, I first visited the Mount Hood area to the east of Portland. Yes, that's me in the front of that majestic Oregon monument. Here is another view of a younger me.  I support Tektronix customers in the Central US. The products I work with are mainly RF test instruments from Tektronix. Sometimes you get a nice rental car.

I grew up in Austin and attended the University of Texas Electrical Engineering School from 1972-1976. I worked for a small company, Rhodes-Groos Laboratories, which closed in 1982. I then started a small company which closed in 1987. Tektronix then hired me and I moved from Austin to the Dallas area in 1987.

VOACAP propagation point-to-point prediction          VOACAP propagation coverage map

Bill Byrom, Irving, Texas, USA
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Updated July 4, 2018